Poetry for You

Would you like your own message from the stars? It's waiting in the buffer between worlds.

Holly will tune to your Ether self and pull Starlight and spin words into being.

This is not a commission; this is a reading, like a Tarot, like a song made just for you, for exactly who you are and where you are.


One poetry reading entails:

One poem from the stars, made on 8 1/2" x 11" or 9" x 12" paper, crafted lovingly for you. You'll be sent a quick phone pic, and then the original piece by mail. You can choose for your poem to be displayed on this site or keep it as a message just for you. Both are in love.

One poetry reading: $100

+ $10 shipping U.S. or $35 shipping outside the U.S.


Originals on this site:

Holly occasionally sells originals. If you see a poem that resonates with your core, contact Holly. They might just part with it because you are awesome.



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